1. How do I install my App?

  • iPhone App

    1. Click this link from your mobile device: Apple App Download Link

    2. A window will open and you will click on "Launch" - when you click on launch, it will automatically start downloading the app onto your home screen. Simply close out of the window and wait for the app to fully download on your phone. Once the app is installed, DO NOT open the app yet.

    3. Click on your iPhone "Settings" App.

    4. Click on "General."

    5. Scroll down and click on "Device Management."

    6. Click on "Industry Niche Apps."

    7. Click on "Trust" App.

    8. Now, open the "Ins. Agent" app.

  • Android App

    1. Click this link from your mobile device: Android App Download Link

    2. Select "Ok"

    3. Click "Open"

    4. Select "Settings"

    5. Turn on "Unknown sources"

    6. Click "Ok"

    7. Click "Install"

    8. Click "Open"

2. How do I set up my Agent LiveSite?

3. How do I get my Agent LiveSite link to share with people?

  • Once you login to your Agent LiveSite inside the app, on the first screen, click on the top right. You will see a drop down that says "Invite via Email" "Share on social" and "Grab Link" - click on "Grab Link." You can send this link to people or you can go to #3 and convert your link to a Bitly URL.

4. How do I customize my Agent LiveSite link?

  • Copy your link and click on this link: - paste your link in here to convert it to a Bitly URL.